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Centre of Advanced Photovoltaics invites to Landsberg Seminar!

Landsberg Seminar - 15.3.2019, 9:30, T2:C3-135

Series of lectures by international speakers on fundamental problems in photovoltaics, with emphasis on extensive discussion:


9:30 Welcome and introduction
9:40 Pere Roca i Cabarrocas (École Polytechnique, Palaiseau): From amorphous to crystalline silicon thin films for efficient solar cells
10:10 Elizabeth von Hauff (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): Charge separation in photovoltaics
10:40 Thomas Kirchartz (Forschungszentrum Jülich): High open-circuit voltages in lead-halide perovskite solar cells
11:10 Coffee break
11:30 David Egger (Universität Regensburg): Structural anharmonicity and implications for optoelectronic properties of halide perovskites
12:00 Lefteris Danos (University of Lancaster): Silicon photosensitisation using molecular layers
12:30 Closing Seminar, Refreshment

If interested, please send an email to cap@fel.cvut.cz before 13th March 2019.

Seminar language: English