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Education in Photovoltaics as a part of the REPowerEU
Vítězslav Benda

BIPV planning process towards nearly zero energy districts
Nikolaos Skandalos

PV-measurement system for remote laboratory sessions
R. Vági and Balázs Plesz

"Model for Electricity Generation by Thermoelectric Generators used in Spectrum-Splitting Applications"
Ahmed Issa Alnahhal, Ahmad Halal and Balázs Plesz

Teaching PV from basic understanding to global implications
Pietro P. Altermatt

Research at the University Centre for Energy Efficient Buildings in the field of photovoltaic
Petr Wolf and Sofiane Kichou

MSc: Innovative technologies for renewable energy
Mitko Stoev

Solar Energy Research & Education @TU Delft/PVMD
Miro Zeman and Olindo Isabella

Present trends in crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells and modules
Vítězslav Benda

Enhancing photovoltaic systems with shortest time storage to compensate feed-in gaps caused by cloud shadows
Edgar Harzfeld

Agro-Forestry and Photovoltaics: Utilization of Energy for Autonomous Agricultural Processes
Ladislava Černá, Jan Weger, Kamila Vávrová and Petr Wolf

Teaching Photovoltaics for Children
Pavel Hrzina, Ladislava Černá and Tomáš Finsterle

Sun movement simulator
Jakub Holovský

Using challenge-based approaches for teaching PV: case study of solar communities
João Manuel de Almeida Serra and Miguel Centeno Brito

Luminescent solar concentrators – reabsorption and fundamental principles of thermodynamics
Branislav Dzurňák and Tomáš Markvart

Remote Laboratory Concept for Renewable Energy Education in South Africa
Marc-Oliver Otto, Balázs Plesz, Walter Commerell, Csilla Csapo, Momir Tabakovic, Johan Raath, Nicolaas Luwes


Numerical simulation based physical parameters of perovskite/c-Si tandem solar cell under different Silicon Doping types
Ahmad Halal, Ahmed Issa Alnahhal and Balázs Plesz

Heat Pump - PV - Battery Application
Edgar Harzfeld

Teaching of PV Energy Storage at the Department of Electrotechnology
Pavel Hrzina

Hydrogen Interactions with Nanostructured Metal Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Reactive Magnetron Sputtering Technique
Nirmal Kumar and Stanislav Haviar

Tunneling oxide based selective contacts for high efficiency solar cells
João Manuel de Almeida Serra, I. Costa, Guilherme Gaspar, José A. Silva and Killian Lobato

Study of PV systems for self-consumption at the UPC based on simulations by using PVSol
Santiago Silvestre Berges

New and Old Types of Storage Batteries for Photovoltaics in Research and in College Curriculum
Petr Vanýsek

Environmental Modelling Tools for Simulating of the Photovoltaic Power Plants Operation
Jiří Vaněk, Petr Maule and Filip Šmatlo